Starky is a white alien from the world of Chrono Cross.

Personality Edit

Starky is an intelligent alien. He is capable of pointing out flaws in Chikara's ideas. Starky's bad habit is his talkativeness. He often speaks too much and out of place (such as teasing Yoshino for angering Chikara), and sometimes causes Chikara to either yell at him or smack his head to silence him. Despite his seemingly insensitive way of behaving and bratty exterior, he is actually loyal. He cares for Chikara, and when Hachiro is angry at Chikara for his suspicion of neglecting Starky, he jumps out to yell at Hachiro to straighten the fact.

Combat Ability Edit

Starky Stats-0

Starky fights with his ray gun. Starky's fighting style is dealing damage while preventing damage to him because he is fairly fragile. Being small, Starky possesses great agility and the foe often finds trouble hitting him.

Raydiation (レイブラスト or Reiburasuto) Edit

Starky's signature move is charging up light energy in his ray gun before firing a huge burst of light. It is powerful enough to drive a foe to a wall before exploding violently, damaging everything nearby upon detonating.

Flash Shot (フラッシュショット or Furasshushotto) Edit

Starky fires a small projectile of light, which will explode and yield a sudden flash. This temporarily blinds everybody nearby, which serves as an excellent distraction.

Evolution Edit

First Form Edit

Starky evolves into a humanoid alien that stands as tall as an adult human. Despite the growth, Starky still retains his agility. Combined with his giant rifle (complete with a bayonet molded on it), Starky fares much better in physical combat in this form, in addition to powerful magic attacks. The barrel of the rifle can deal out pain when it hits the foe, while the bayonet can cause a cut or a stab wound when it hits something

Plasma Cannonball (プラズマ砲弾 or Purazuma Hōdan) Edit

Starky gathers light energy before the muzzle of his rifle. The energy will soon form a huge, solid sphere of light after a moment. Starky sends it hurtling towards the foe by pulling the trigger of his rifle. This diffuses any magic attacks and will explode when it hits a solid object.

Maximal Raydiation (超レイブラスト or Chō Reiburasuto) Edit

Starky charges up light energy in his giant rifle before firing a huge burst of light. This is a stronger version of Raydiation.