Skelly is a skeleton clown from the world of Chrono Cross.

Personality Edit

Skelly is a loud and hot-tempered walking skeleton. He is prone to shouting and can get angry very easily. Once he is angry, he will attack the object that enrages him beforehand. Being cunning with a clownish exterior, he can easily trick someone (especially kids) by pretending to be a jovial clown.

Combat Ability Edit

Skelly Stats

With a body made of only solid bones, Skelly can easily diffuse the blast from lesser spells. He can just walk through a barrage of tiny lightning bolts without taking any significant damage. In addition, Skelly can reattach his bones to his skeleton when they are separated. The only way to defeat him is by breaking his bones literally.

Skelly is fast and does pretty well in fisticuffs. His fists are not very strong, but due to his skill and speed, he can throw a barrage of punches to overwhelm a foe's defense and/or stun it.

Conjure Balls Edit

Skelly can conjure metal orbs and control them at his will. This is a simple ability, but is efficient because it has many functions. A big ball can be a transport for Skelly (and for offense, such as running over a smaller foe), while a smaller one can be for pummeling the foe in large number. It can also serve as a mask for him: juggling balls shows his jolly nature as a playful clown instead of a dangerous undead.