The gadgets represent the bond between a child and a game character. It also serves as a communicator between a child and a game character by enabling Element Swipe function and acting as a character tracker when a character is missing.

Forming Edit

A gadget is created by inserting a Chrono Cross element into a slot on a Battle Board, which leads to the said board transforming into a gadget. Each gadget has different color, depending on which character board one inserts a Chrono Cross element in.

Reforming Edit

When a gadget shatters, it means that the bond between a child and a game character has vanished. However, like people's relationship, even when a bond has been destroyed, it still has the remains and thus, it is possible to fix a broken bond. When a child and a game character decide to be friends again, the gadget will rematerialize as the bond has been reformed.

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