A term when a game character transforms into a stronger form. Evolution requires a strong bond between a child and a game character. Also, evolution is only possible when Pip is around, who provides the needed energy to evolve.

Sequence Edit

A child will bring his/her gadget facing a character, which leads to the monitor on the gadget shooting out data from its monitor. The data is usually sent out in a form of threads, except Yoshino's gadget, which sends out the data in a form of a burning bird. The data will merge with the game character and change it into a stronger form.

Reverting Edit

After evolving, a game character remains on the current evolved form. It can revert when certain conditions are met. When an evolved character is tired, badly injured, or hungry (or any combination of them), the character will lose power and revert to its normal form. Aside from that, a child can command a character to revert by bringing his/her gadget facing a character to take back the data from the character's body.