Draggy is a newborn dragon from the world of Chrono Cross.

Personality Edit

Draggy is childish and rather goofy. He tends to make a mess as he is completely new to the real world. However, thanks to the education from Ari, he matures a bit. After staying with Guile for a while, he becomes a brave and caring dragon, while still retaining his playfulness.

Combat Ability Edit

Draggy Stats

Draggy fights with his claws and fangs. His bite, although seems like nothing, can immobilize the enemy due to his massive weight.

Draggy has scales, which protect him from many kinds of attack. As long as the foe hits the scaly area, no damage will be done to Draggy. The only way to hurt him is to attack with something stronger than his scales or find where his scales do not cover him (e.g. eyes and ears).

Cough Drop (火咳 or Hiseki) Edit

Draggy's signature move is shooting an explosive fireball from his mouth. While it is not very powerful, it works well as a disruption for the foe. Draggy cannot use this when he is wet, a strategy Guile uses when he first fights Draggy.

Evolution Edit

First Form Edit

Draggy evolves into a seven-feet tall dragon with muscular limbs. In this form, Draggy fights by swinging his tail, which can send one flying away if hit. Aside from using his tail, Draggy can also strike down the foe with his hands. It can knock one down when hit. Against smaller foes, Draggy can use his fangs to pick the foe up before throwing it away across the sky.

Like his usual form, an evolved Draggy still has scales protecting him, and they are harder than the ones that cover him in his normal form.

Big Breath (大火事 or Daikaji) Edit

Draggy breathes out a huge gush of fire. It burns everything on its path, but can be stopped by a hard, solid object like evolved Starky's Plasma Cannonball.