Chikara Jikan is a twelve-year-old boy who enjoys solving puzzles and playing computer games.

Personality Edit

Chikara is an intelligent boy. He usually knows how to solve complex problems, although his plans don't always work. Chikara is the most mature out of all the children, although he is not the oldest. He is capable of keeping his head cool and giving an advice when someone needs it. He also possesses a brotherly instinct, which is shown when he scolds Yoshino for bullying Ari. However, such instinct renders him being overprotective towards his little sister, Haruko Jikan, which annoys Starky a lot due to Chikara's idea of leaving him at home most of the time only to make sure that Haruko will not be sad without him. In addition, Chikara believes that he is always doing the right thing, and gets angry when people point out the flaws in his action.

Combat Strategy Edit

Chikara's strategy depends on the situation, but he usually tries to find the foe's weakness and exploits it.

Starky vs Guile Edit

Knowing that nullifying Guile's magic can give a huge advantage, Chikara swipes Magic Negate. It is shown to be successful when the element diffuses Guile's magical attacks and Starky counterattacks with Raydiation. But Chikara doesn't calculate that Guile is a resilient character, which leads to a failure in his strategy.

Starky (1st form) vs Draggy (1st form) Edit

Starky keeps attacking the scaly area on Draggy's body, which is ineffective due to the thickness of the scales. Noticing this, Chikara commands Starky to find and hit the unprotected body part. It works, as shown by Starky launching Maximal Raydiation and searing Draggy's ear.