Ari Yamamoto is a twelve-year-old boy who likes drawing in his spare time, especially Draggy fan arts.

Personality Edit

Ari is a kind-hearted boy. He is patient and always struggles to keep his head cool with Draggy's acts when the dragon first arrives in the real world because he is afraid of losing Draggy. This, in addition to his pessimistic nature and his naivete, turns him into a nervous wreck.

Ari, being a kind figure, can't stand seeing other characters getting hurt too. This is in contrast to Yoshino's cruel personality, and thus, Ari often clashes with Yoshino. This reaches its climax when Ari finds out that Yoshino has been abusing Guile for almost a week, and they quarrel to the point they almost hit each other.

Combat Strategy Edit

Being a newbie in this, Ari's strategy is more into instinct and intuition than anything else. Because the strategy itself relies on instinct, Ari gives encouragement instead of commands most of the time.

Draggy vs Guile Edit

Seeing Guile being much taller than Draggy, when Guile attacks, Ari tells Draggy to roll below Guile's arm and thus, dodging his attack. After that, with Guile's power amplified by Yoshino's element swipe, Draggy is losing when Guile manages to lift him to the air (his fangs are still stuck on his arm) and is about to slam him to the ground. Solution? Release Guile's arm and fly away. When Draggy is drenched by Guile's Water Ball, Ari commands him to retreat because Draggy cannot breathe fire when wet.

Draggy (1st form) vs Skelly Edit

Knowing that Draggy now possesses massive power, Ari tells Draggy not to use his fire breath to attack Skelly, who is standing close to his friends. This works; Draggy picks Skelly up with his fangs and throws him away, saving his friends from getting injured.